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In 1826, market gardener James Dandy upped stakes and moved himself and his family to Chester to take advantage of the rich, fertile topsoil found on the Cheshire Plain. James's crops soon showed huge improvement and it wasn't long before he opened the first fruit and veg stall on the Old Chester Market.
With word of the quality of James's home grown fruit and vegetables spreading, it wasn't long before he was inundated with requests from top hotels, caterers and restaurants across Cheshire and North Wales.
Today the Dandy family focus on the topsoil and compost part of the growing process rather than the actual produce they glean from it and their main aim is to get YOU growing the fruit and vegetables in your own gardens, greenhouses and allotments. Today you can fill your veggie patches with the very same base soils James used back in the 1800s', only now you'll get even better results as we've spent the last thirty odd years cultivating these base soils and coming up with new blends and additions to boost the nutrient and mineral content of our topsoil.
Via our award winning website, or by calling us on 0845 456 3089, you can buy naturally boosted topsoil for lawns (our Lawnmix™ topsoil) or if you've got beds and borders to fill then consider our oldest plant mix, Bordermix™ Topsoil. We've even got a mix specifically for growing fruit and vegetables - our Vegegrow Topsoil which has overtaken our oldest mixes to become our biggest seller. If that all sounds a bit too niche or complex for you then you can grab our Multi Purpose Topsoil which is absolutely perfect for use in pretty much any part of your garden - under grass, in pots and planters, for fruit and vegetables, shrubs, trees, herbs......
All of our products can be delivered bagged or bulk, nationwide, and even the very next day if you wish!