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The year was 1826, the man was James Dandy, a Market Gardener from the town of Tarleton in Lancashire, a place where his family had resided since his third Gt. Grandfather Sir George Dandye had become a priest there in 1517.
By chance, James discovered that the rich, fruitful topsoil of the Cheshire Plain could give you growing results beyond any he had witnessed before, so much so, he moved his entire family to Chester, purchased a plot of land and began growing the very best fruit and vegetables of his working life.
The results were so impressive, James was the first to open a stall in the Old Chester Market
, selling his home grown produce to the public. Word soon spread and soon James was supplying the top hotels and caterers of Cheshire, North Wales and beyond.
Today you can fill your garden with these very same soils and you too can grow the very best produce; we've taken our long seeded family knowledge and have created a range of 'all-in-one' soil mixes for every topsoil job you might be planning.
From our Organic Lawnmix Topsoil with it's fine, free draining, easy to level particle size, to our top-selling, excellent Organic VegeGrow Topsoil with amazing ability to provide
even the most demanding of vegetables with more than enough organic nutrients to produce award winning results.
Not to mention our (not) lovely smelling Organic Bordermix Topsoil, packed full of organic manures.
We also have a huge range of landscaping materials stocked such as gravel, bark, compost and winter products such as rock salt, logs and coal.
All of our products can be delivered bagged or bulk, nationwide, and even the very next day if you wish!