Topdressing Sand & Soil Mix


Our Topdressing is a 70/30% blend of screened silica sand and black topsoil, screened down to about 2mm.

Top dressing is for exisiting lawn improvement - so for re-seeding bare patches and for feeding. Brush over your grass at a depth of 1-2mm ready for re-seeding and feeding.

We do three sizes of bulk bag; a jumbo bag contains approx 1000kg (one tonne) of topsoil, a standard bulk bag contains about 750kg (same as most builders merchants, other topsoil suppliers) and a 500kg bag which is basically a half filled tonne bag!

Small bags of topsoil are 25kg and the perfect option if you want a small quantity of soil or if you have access issues and will have to carry the topsoil through your house or over any walls etc.

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