Snow Shovel and Rock Salt pack


This is a little rock salt kit made up of one bag of rock salt and one snow shovel.

The kit includes a bag of either White Rock Salt, Brown Rock Salt or our special longer lasting Ultragrip Rock Salt; and a plastic snow shovel.

The price shown includes courier delivery to your door so this is great if for any reason you aren't in a position to get yourself somewhere to buy a bag of salt but need to make sure your paths etc. aren't too slippy.

Picture shown is representative only - if you specifically need a black snow shovel then do let us know as we would hate for you to disappointed if a red or blue one shows up :)

This IS an expensive way to buy rock salt because of the courier cost. It's a lot cheaper to buy multiple bags so have a little chat with your neighbours and buy a pallet between you (HINT: you can get ten bags of rock salt for less than the price of two of these kits...)

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