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Dandy's Lawnmix® Topsoil - BULK BAGS


Dandy’s Lawnmix® Topsoil is our original tried and tested, award winning quality topsoil, developed way back in the day by topsoil pioneer James Dandy.

A consistent virgin topsoil, sourced only from Greenfield sites (NOT recycled from skips like many others online) then left to sit fallow for a number of years to ensure maximum nutrition and fertility. We then screen it to about 12mm, so we leave stones of just under an inch down in there - just to make sure that the soil stays nice and free draining. 

We can supply you with 3 sizes of bulk bag; a jumbo bag (our BEST BUY OPTION) which contains approx 1000kg (one tonne) of topsoil, a standard bulk bag contains about 750kg (same as most builders merchants, other topsoil suppliers) and a 500kg bag which is basically a half filled tonne bag!


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