Make the most of this amazing weather and get your garden ship shape with Dandy's

Dandy's Springmix Compost


Back by popular demand!

Our Springmix Compost is the perfect blend of rich, black horse and chicken manure (mushroom compost), composted bark mulch fines and screened organic compost, making it super easy to work with and is packed full of nutrients ideal for plants, flowers or veggies after a long hard winter. 

Allow the compost to do the hard work and use as a mulch over your existing borders to replenish the soil or gives great results when mixed into new topsoil too!

We do three sizes of bulk bag; a jumbo bag contains approx 1000ltrs (one cubic metre) of manure, a standard bulk bag contains about 750ltrs (same as most builders merchants, other topsoil suppliers) and a 500ltr bag which is basically a half filled cubic metre bag!


Images are for representation only, samples are available on request please click here to contact us.