Staffordshire Pink Gravel


Staffordshire Pink Gravel is a popular gravel as it sits somewhere between being a decorative stone and a budget aggregate. This gives a lovely bright finish in shades of pink, white and grey in a rounded stone.

Like many of our aggregates this is available graded to either 10mm or 20mm, we recommend using a 10mm gravel for paths and a 20mm for driveways but it's completely your call on that front. Our Staffs Pink 10mm is also great for use as a standard Pea Shingle.

You can also use gravel to top off your beds and borders - not only does this give a lovely finish, it will also help to suppress weeds and might even deter cats and other critters from making their presence known in your garden!

Just like our topsoil and compost, we do three sizes of bulk bag; a jumbo bag contains approx. 1000kg (one tonne) of gravel, a standard bulk bag contains about 750kg (same as most builders’ merchants, other aggregate suppliers) and a 500kg bag which is basically a half-filled tonne bag!

Small bags of gravel or slate are 25kg and the perfect option if you want a small quantity of aggregate or if you have access issues and need to take the gravel via non-wheelbarrow friendly access!


Images are for representation only, samples are available on request please click here to contact us.