Dandy's Soil Improver


Dandy's Soil Improver is perfect for existing soil that just needs a good old boost to bring it back to life.


For Sandy Soil:

Add our black, friable compost which is completely organic and chemical free.  Just give it a mix at the start of the Spring and you'll have beautiful root growth boosting soil ready to plant into.  The green matter retains moisture and continues to rot down releasing nutrients into the soil. 


For Clay Soil:

Our Composted Mulch Fines are fab for improving drainage and for lightening up heavy clay soils.  Composted mulch fines are a cross between a a mulch and a compost - so light and nutrient packed, but very woody! This is a great one to mix into heavy soil and it's also great for whacking down onto your beds and borders over the Winter, prepping you well ahead of time for the growing season come Spring.


Our Jumbo Bulk Bags are 1000ltrs, unlike most other suppliers who sell 750ltrs in their biggest bags!  Our Standard Bulk Bags are around 750ltrs.


Images are for representation only, samples are available on request please click here to contact us.