Click & Collect Lawn Turf m2 rolls - SPECIAL OFFER, COLLECTION ONLY!!


Click & Collect Special Offer!

If you live within a drive-able distance of our main depot in Chester, on the North Wales border, why not collect m2 rolls of turf yourself at great discounted rates?! 

Please allow 2 working days notice for collection.

This amazing special offer is only available for collection from our HQ on Sealand Road, Chester.  If you're after some turf for delivery please click here.


Dandy's Lawn Turf is a lush, green, hardwearing whilst decorative lawn turf.

Delivered as 1m2 rolls each measures approximately 16 inches by 7.5 feet.

The actual seed blend of our turf is... 10% Chewing Fescue, 15% Strong Creeping Red Fescue, 15% Smooth Stalk Meadow Grass, 40% Slender Creeping Red Fescue and 20% Perennial Ryegrass.

Ryegrass is a bit of a weird one as people usually balk at the first mention but the rye is a dwarf strain, barely noticeable and absolutely necessary to get a hard-wearing, long-lasting result.

Check out our "How to Guide" click HERE

*Turf is a growing crop and therefore an ever changing product. As turf is a perishable product it must be properly laid on properly prepared topsoil.  Once collected turf must be rolled out and lain within a maximum of two hours and must be watered adequately to encourage rooting.*

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