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Dandy's PlaySafe Playground Bark


Play Bark is a lovely natural product that is tested for impact so approved for use on playgrounds as a cushioning material - make sure you protect those little heads in case they come off the slide too fast or go right over the bar on the swings!

This is also a decorative bark so it's great for smartening up shabby beds and borders and for surrounding your best plants and shrubs to really show them off to their best.

Play Bark is tested to BSEN1177 which is a fall height standard - do please remember that this is a natural wood product so if the kids start rolling through it they are likely to still get splinters - if you're worried about that then you may want to consider rubber chippings or play sand instead.

All of our barks and mulches are sold in bulk bags that hold approximately 1 cubic metre/1000ltrs, 750ltrs or 500ltr, as well as handy 50ltr smaller bags.


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