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Delivery Info from Dandy's Topsoil

Delivery Info from Dandy's Topsoil

Here at Dandy's we deliver a couple of different ways.

If you're in or near Cheshire then good news - we probably deliver to you for free (postcodes CH, WA, WN, some LL and some L) and we'll more than likely use one of our own Dandy wagons!

Our vehicles are 8 wheeler wagons that have a crane to offload bulk bags - the crane swings off the side of the wagon and has a reach of about 4 metres - with this in mind you can pop a note in the box when you checkout with instructions for where you'd like your bags leaving, give us a bell after you order or have a natter with one of our drivers on day of delivery.

If you're a bit further afield then shipping starts at £24 per bulk bag / pallet of small bags. This might seem pricey but you'll more than likely pay similar costs anywhere else, it'll just be hidden in the price of the goods. The good news is that by splitting out delivery we've actually been able to lower our prices to the bulk of England and Wales!

That said - IF YOU SEE IT CHEAPER, pleeeeeease let us know and give us a chance to whip out a calculator, make a few calls and see if we can beat that cheaper price for you!

Outside of our 'local' area we deliver using a pallet network, there are a couple of restrictions to this, you'll need...

...a level, flat area for vehicle to park during offload,

...a flat, solid surface such as concrete or tarmac to offload on to,

...access for a pretty big delivery vehicle - usually an "18 tonner" which is considerably bulkier and longer than a bin lorry!

If you've any concerns at all then give us a bell on 01244 280008, use our Live Chat or send us an email via the Contact Us page!

03, March, 2017 by Katie de Winton