Meet Team Dandy - Simon

Next up in our "Meet the Team" series is our Sales Director, Simon Hughes.

Simon has been with Dandy's Topsoil for coming up to twelve years now, starting way back in the day as a yard hand, moving in to the office to head up despatch, and then quickly moving up the ranks to become our Sales Director where he helps run the helm with our MD and Commercial Director.

Si has great raport with customers and suppliers and is often your first port of call if you're after large quantities of product or are a regular buyer!

Simon and his family welcomed a new addition last year, in the form of their labrador puppy, Stanley, in fact last year was quite a busy one for Si as not only did he get married but he and the fam also moved into a brand new home - of course he sorted out his own lawn with top soil and turf from his favourite suppliers!

Si Back in The DaySi and Jennie Wedding DayMeet Team Dandy - Simon

Known as 'King of the Dad Jokes', Simon can often be heard chuckling away to himself at his own terrible puns and jokes, and when he's not amusing himself and the office with his hilarious tales, he will inevitably be talking football, primarily his beloved Liverpool FC.

Si is a very passionate member of the team and one of his favourite jobs is going out to look at raw topsoil - there's little he likes more in life than running his hands through a batch of newly sourced tops soil product!

Some other facts about Si - he has a hidden talent of remembering postcodes and 'phone numbers, he's a bit of a clean fanatic (a pretty unfortunate trait for someone who works in an environment as dusty and dirty as a topsoil production yard), he used to have shoulder length hair, and he used ot be a professional chef!

To speak to Simon you can give us a bell in the office on 01244 280008 and ask for him, or you can email him on

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