How To Lay a Gravel Driveway

So you’ve decided that you would like a low maintenance, attractive finish to your driveway; how do you go about it?

First of all – choose your gravel! Ideally you’ll want 20mm gravel as this is small enough to walk on and large enough not to get stuck in tyre treads and scatter easily.

There are over 30 different types of gravel and slate over at Dandys Garden Centre – some of the most popular are Golden and Cotswold, or opt for a Blue Slate which will lie a bit flatter.

As a rule of thumb; 1 tonne of gravel or aggregate will cover approximately 25m² (270 ft²) at a depth of about 25mm (1 inch). Dandy’s sell all products in one tonne bulk bags or in small, easy to carry 25kg bags.

If you need to build up the level of your driveway or fill in any dips and level it off nicely then you’ll also need some Crusherrun (also known as MOT type 1 or hardcore), each tonne of that will cover about 20m² (216 ft²) at a depth of 25mm (1 inch).

Either give Dandy’s a call on 0845 456 3089 with the measurements of your driveway or use the below calculations…

Metres – length x width x 0.04 = tonnes of gravel required.
Multiply again by 1.25 for your Crusherrun.

Feet – length x width, divide by 9, divide by 1.2 x 0.04 = tonnes of gravel required.
Multiply again by 1.25 for your Crusherrun.

If you want a truly low maintenance solution then don’t forget to order your membrane at the same time!

You’ve got the stuff so let’s get cracking…

Prepare the ground: you want a flat, level base of earth or Crusherrun to work with so you’ll need to clear the area for your driveway of any weeds, paving slabs, block paving etc. You can lay straight onto slabs but this is not recommended; your gravel is going to move around if you do.
Crusherrun is a brilliant foundation material for any building or landscaping project. As it is a chunky 40mm limestone, crushed down to dust it forms a level base when the dust settles between the larger hunks of gravel; ideally you’ll want to spread it and whack it down with a roller or similar to get a smooth surface.

Go for this if you’ve an uneven surface or have pot holes to fill in – you’ll only want 1.5 inches of gravel maximum so if you’ve more to make up you’ll need the Crusherrun to raise the level of your driveway.

Lay down your membrane; this will ensure that you won’t have any pesky weeds poking up through your finished driveway!

Spread your gravel over the entire area ensuring an even coverage.

Get yourself a brew or a beer and admire your lovely new driveway – you’re all done!

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