Eco Friendly Vehicles...

As our HGV vehicles and plant and machinery are, admittedly, like most truck and plant, diesel guzzlers, we try to do our bit wherever possible to reduce our impact on the environment.

Our two crane delivery vehicles do have reduced emissions but that's not really good enough as far as we're concerned so - we replaced our two Mini Coopers with 100% electric i-Mievs a few years ago - and they're still going strong over 40,000 miles later - each!

The electric cars have been brilliant for getting out to see customers to quote on quantities of topsoil needed for big projects, for meetings with clients, suppliers and networking events and we've even used them to make small deliveries when the wagons are chocka (we're talking a few small bags here, not tonnes!).

They're super fast and take only a few hours to charge up on our fast charge point (which has been used by a fair few members of the eco-friendly car-driving public!).

As Dandy's continues to expand and branch out, our growing sales team find themselves needing to pop out for meetings and what not more and more - owing to the success of our two little electric pool cars, we're considering adding another eco-friendly vehicle to our fleet to keep up, so watch this space......!

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