Dandys Topsoil Chicks

Lay a little, eh? For me? Please?

Nope – not a sausage – we’ve not seen an egg at Dandy’s for ages! Fluffy our Silkie hen looked to be getting a touch broody but now we’re thinking that she’s just a bit lazy or is waiting for the weather to improve!

So – to bring everyone up to speed; a Spring or two ago Dandy’s hired an egg incubator, complete with some hopefully fertilised chicken eggs, from local business, Cluckys.

Cluckys supply the incubator and the eggs, you get to care for the eggs until they hatch, keep the cute, fluffy, little chickies for a week or so and then they take them back to live out their days on the Cluckys farm – an absolutely FABULOUS experience that we recommend thoroughly to anyone who wants to experience the pure joy of seeing little chicks emerge from their eggs (they’re actually a bit yuck and frail when they first come out, but a couple of hours left to their own devices in the incubator and you’ve got the most gorgeous little creatures hopping around your work desk ever!) and an especially rewarding experience for anyone with small children.

We’re big animal lovers at Dandy’s with most of us having a pet or two of our own, so we just couldn’t bare to part with our chicks – two years later and Edward, Bob, Lucy and Fluffy are a firm part of the Dandy family, waddling around the display area throughout the day.

Of course you can pop in to see them but don’t get too close – they are a touch territorial! If you fancy a cuddle then you’re best bet is to ask Amanda in the office as she is the chicken whisperer amongst us all!

Please keep your fingers crossed that Fluffy or Lucy get a bit broody over the next few weeks – we’d love to see some more fuzzy little chicks at Dandy’s!

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