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Dandy's Coal, Smokeless Fuel and Logs
Dandy's Paving

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Home Fuel Pack
£99.95 £119.95
Dandys Multi Purpose Topsoil
£79.95 £84.95
Multi use top soil blend for planting and lawns
SmartGrassTM Lawn Turf 1sq mtr rolls
Luxurious yet hard wearing, stunning lawn turf.
Pea Gravel / Pea Shingle
£99.95 £129.95
• for paths and driveways
• for topping beds and borders
• mostly rounded stones, some broken
10mm on average, pinks, whites and greys
Dandys Bordermix Topsoil
£84.95 £109.95
Top soil mix for beds and borders
Landscaping Garden Bark
£86.56 £129.95
This landscaping bark mulch is at the cheaper end of the bark and woodmulch spectrum and is great for topping off beds and borders on a tighter budget.
Dandys VegeGrow Topsoil
£81.95 £109.95
Organic topsoil blended for veg and fruit growing
Play Area Bark Decorative Mulch
£102.71 £149.95
Our Play Bark is certified for use as a cushioning material in play areas and acts as a natural weed suppressant in beds and borders!
White De-icing Rock Salt
£82.50 £94.99
Just like the brown rock salt but without the brown! Less mess and less residue.
Dandys Lawn Topdressing
£130.95 £169.95
70% sand, 30% soil for lawn improvement
Giant Sacks & Nets of Seasoned Logs
£114.95 £149.95
Mixture of hardwood and softwood. Dry, seasoned, chopped logs. Mixture of sizes for open fires and chimneas.
Grit Bin
£154.95 £189.95
Keep your stock of rock salt safe, dry and protected from the elements.AVailable in a number of sizes and in a standard or lockable vairety!
20mm Welsh Brown Gravel
£103.95 £129.95
Mostly rounded stones in a mix of browns and greys. Great for quick tidy up jobs in the garden.
ADD ON - Anti Weed Fabric / Weed Prevention Membrane
£7.50 £12.95
Porous fabric membrane to help prevent weed growth. Available in 3 sizes - 15m2, 20m2 and 50m2.
20mm Golden Gravel
£119.95 £149.95
Golden stone is a bright and cheerful mix of golds, yellows and creams and gives a really striking, high class finish to any gardening or landscaping project.
Dandys Springmix Compost.
£84.95 £104.95
Organic blended compost for the start of the growing season.
Car Park Gritting Pack
£334.95 £359.95
Standard pack is a half bulk bag (500kg) of salt plus a spreader and a shovel and the large pack is a 3/4 bag (750kg) of salt plus a grit spreader and two snow shovels!
20mm Welsh Slate Chippings
£109.95 £149.95
Our slate is the proper Welsh stuff and comes in a range of sizes and colours! This is a small 20mm for driveways and walking on!
Composted Bark Mulch Fines.
£94.95 £129.95
For improving sad top soil