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Gravel, Crushed Slate

Topsoil may be our bread and butter but a one trick pony we ain't...

We have one of the biggest, most varied selections of gravel, aggregates and Welsh slate available online for fast, nationwide delivery. And we're one of the lowest priced sellers to boot.  Whether you're after gravel for a driveway, slate for a path or something colourful to top off your borders, you're sure to find something to tickle your fancy within our range!
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Crusherrun / Hardcore / MOT TYPE 1
• for raising levels
• for building foundations
• for flatttening out uneven areas
chunky 40mm limestone, crushed down to dust
Pea Gravel / Pea Shingle
• for paths and driveways
• for topping beds and borders
• mostly rounded stones, some broken
10mm on average, pinks, whites and greys
20mm Drainage Gravel
This is one of our cheapest stones and is great for use as a budget gravel to cover a driveway or for in soakaways and raising border levels!
20mm White Grey Limestone Chippings
Great for quickly improving the look of a shabby driv eway or neglected border. Great budget aggregate!
10mm Staffordshire Pink Gravel
A cheery blend of pinks and whites in a small, rounded stone. Nice on paths and borders.
20mm Staffordshire Pink Gravel
This is a best seller at Dandy's and looks fab on drives and pathways. Lovely mix of pinks and greys in a rounded stone.
20mm Welsh Brown Gravel
Mostly rounded stones in a mix of browns and greys. Great for quick tidy up jobs in the garden.
20mm Golden Gravel
Golden stone is a bright and cheerful mix of golds, yellows and creams and gives a really striking, high class finish to any gardening or landscaping project.
10mm Golden Gravel
A best seller. Lovely warm tones of yellow and gold for brightening up drab areas in the garden.
20mm Cotswold Buff Gravel
A uniform colour rather than a blend makes this a great choice for use in areas where you want the eye drawn to something else; your prize roses for example!
20mm Blue Slate Chippings
Our slate is the proper Welsh stuff and comes in a range of sizes and colours! This is a small 20mm for driveways and walking on!
1 - 6mm Horticultural Grit
• for improving soil drainage
• for potting and planting
teeny, tiny 1-6mm grit
20mm Plum Slate Chippings
Plum Welsh slate chippings for beds, borders, paths and driveways. Lies nice and flat so not too chunky for walking on and offers a nice alternative to the typical stone or aggregate.
40mm Plum Slate Chippings
40mm Plum Slate Chippings for water features and gardens.
Gold & White Blended Gravel 20mm
A beautiful blend of golden tones with creamy whites and beiges. Lovely on a driveway or paths.
Anti Weed Fabric / Weed Prevention Membrane
Porous fabric membrane to help prevent weed growth.
White Marble Gravel Chippings 10mm
White Marble Chippings 10mm Gravel for borders, pathways and designer gardens.
Silver Grey Granite Chippings 14mm
Silver Grey Granite Gravel 14mm Chippings for driveways and gardens.
Pearl Grey Gravel 20mm
Pearl Grey 20mm Gravel for driveways and gardens.
White Marble Gravel Chippings 3 - 8mm
White Marble Chippings 3 - 8mm Gravel for borders, pathways and designer gardens. Perfect for water features and pebble dashing jobs.
White Marble Gravel Chippings 14mm
White Marble Chippings 14mm Gravel for borders, pathways and designer gardens.
Flint Cobbles 50 - 75mm
Flint Cobbles 50 - 75mm for borders, water features and designer gardens.
Rockery Stone
Select decorative pieces of sand stone rockery.
Scottish Cobbles 75 - 10mm
Scottish Cobbles 75 - 100mm for borders, water features and designer gardens.
Scottish Pebbles 20 - 40mm
Scottish Pebbles 20 - 40mm for borders, water features and designer gardens.
Slate Rockery Stone
Slate Rockery Stone for focal points & water features.
Gravel Samples
Not sure which gravel you want for your driveway or garden? Order a sample of any of our gravels, slates or stones for £2.99 and then we'll credit you for it when you place an order!